Friday, February 12, 2010

Almost China Time!

It is a little more than a week until my departure from foggy SFO to Peking University, Beijing, CHINA! Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited, but I'm so busy with research in Baltimore right now that I have not had time to think about it much. Mostly I am nervous because I have forgotten all my Chinese! Yikes! I am borrowing an old Chinese vocab intermediate textbook from my friend Maxi so I can cram-study. Also, the record-breaking snow that we are getting here in Baltimore that has cancelled classes for a FULL WEEK has made me realize that I will need more appropriate clothes for Beijing. When I was riding home on the JHMI shuttle on Tuesday (the only other day other than today that the shuttle was acutally circulating), there was a Beijing native who was talking to his friend in Mandarin, and I overheard him saying that the weather "back home" was even colder than Baltimore! For a California girl, just the thought sends shivers down my spine.

So now I am off to Inner Harbor to find a warm hat, some practical snow boots, and maybe a dress because I want one.

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