Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Funds Approval

Remaining Grant Funds: $0

Ami has just approved for study abroad funding! Yes! Although fellowship money is not usually encouraged to be used on a study abroad trip, my project is the main reason I am going, so I was able to get the okay.

Also, my IRB approval finally went through! After a semester of waiting, the hard work has paid off. A huge thank you to Carly Benham, the Director of Homewood IRB for making everything happen. On December 1st when I was at the medical campus doing lab work, I stepped outside to take a call from Ms. Benham.

She said, "So, I just wanted to inform you that...[dramatic pause] you were able to get IRB approval. Your approval forms will be e-mailed to you shortly. Congratulations."

And that was it. It was all over like that. I was expecting fireworks or something.

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