Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All in the Family

As I was doing my ab work-out this morning, my mom explained to me that she called up an old professor friend of hers in China who studies rural women's health. She said that with a few connections, I may be able to get in touch with a juvenile delinquent population. She also rattled off a few universities that had strong research programs in Chinese reproductive health and education.

Awesome! This is a great jumping off point! I have been wondering what my comparative population would be, and this might be the answer! I could work with an adolescent popuation very similar to the CRASH one. OR I can even compare the Chinese university population with the younger juve cohort.

The professor said that a great place to start looking for the Ford Foundation, which has funds just for research in sexuality and reproductive health and rights. Here are a list of foundations I will be looking at:

National Population and Family Planning Commission
Renmin University of China
Adolescent Health and Information Project, West Africa
Advocates for Youth, New York
Yunnan Health and Development Research Association: For preparation of a volume on 30 years of sexuality and reproductive health programs in China
Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences: For a reproductive health and empowerment program at the women's re-education center in Zhejiang
Youth Coalition, New York
The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, New York
Capital Normal University
Center for the Integral Support of the Adolescent, Brazil
China Sexology Association: To publish Green Apple, a popular bimonthly sexual and reproductive health magazine for adolescents, and to upgrade the magazine's Web site
University of Michigan, Public Health in conjunction with China Family Planning Program's Quality of Care initiative
Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C.
Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, Inc.
Reproductive Health Matters-Magazine
San Francisco State University
Shaanxi Research Association for Women and Family

The goal right now: to read my eyeballs out. absorb everything, but keep a special eye out for research methods I can emulate.

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