Monday, June 15, 2009

The Meat of the Project

I started a CRASH website, mostly for recruiting purposes for the Fall. I chose the "bees and flowers" theme because I thought it would be appropriate if we are teaching about sex. It is also kind of corny. Chhheckkk it out!

I want to turn this small volunteer group around and make it into a health volunteer group that everyone will enjoy, youth and volunteers alike. Last semester, I think we were making progress towards that goal. There were three times as many people who became volunteers, and Spring recruitment is typically supposed to be pretty week.

Curriculum development: At the beginning of the summer, I set up a detailed deadline schedule for me, Hugo (co-president), and Jessica (our advisor, who just graduated from Bloomberg School of Public Health). We just cranked out Session drafts for 2/6 of the lessons we are doing.

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